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Board of Managers

Daniel Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Goldblith Associate Professor
Developed advanced drug delivery systems which provide new methods for drug delivery, non-viral gene therapy, siRNA delivery, and vaccines

Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Institute Professor
Holds 1,026 patents (512 issued) worldwide; 250 of which have been licensed or sublicensed to pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and medical device companies

Stephen Padgette, Monsanto Company
Vice President, R&D Investment Strategy and Growth Ventures Lead, Global Strategy Group
Responsible for R&D investment strategies, including Monsanto's new corporate venture capital program, with offices in Cambridge, San Francisco, and St Louis

Robert McCarroll, Monsanto Company
Chemistry Technology Lead
Responsible for Monsanto’s traditional small molecule chemistry and BioDirectTM Technology teams, striving to discover and improve agronomic tools to protect crops from weeds, pests, and diseases

John E McLean, Monsanto Company
BioDirectTM Business Lead, Global Strategy Group
Responsible for strategy and commercial development of Monsanto's BioDirectTM platform and associated venture capital equity investments

Roger Wiegand, Preceres LLC
Prior to joining Preceres, Dr. Wiegand was the Associate Director of Infectious Disease Initiative at the Broad Institute, responsible for coordinating malaria drug discovery and genetics projects