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Roger Wiegand
Prior to joining Preceres, Dr. Wiegand was the Associate Director of Infectious Disease Initiative at the Broad Institute, responsible for coordinating malaria drug discovery, diagnostic developent, and genetics projects. He was CSO of Cantata Laboratories, a company that developed mass spectrometry-based metabolomics technology for disease diagnostics and toxicology assessment. Prior to that he led plant genomics technology at Monsanto and Cereon Genomics as a Senior Fellow and Director of Technology Innovation.

David Cordo
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Cordo served as Treasurer of Millennium Pharmaceuticals and played an integral role in raising over one billion dollars in capital and the acquisition and integration of three companies. Mr. Cordo now serves as chief financial officer for several start-up phase life science companies, including Preceres. He has consulted on strategic financial issues for public and private companies.

Sonke Svenson
Sr. Director Development
Before Preceres, Dr. Svenson was the Director of Research at Cerulean Pharma Inc., where he led teams developing polymeric particle systems as carriers for the in vivo delivery of small molecule drugs and RNAi.

Rich Heidebrecht
Sr. Director Research
Dr. Heidebrecht was most recently Director of Chemistry at SciFluor in Cambridge. Prior to that he worked in the malaria drug discovery program at the Broad Institute and was part of the team that discovered Tarceva.